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.: Welcome to RYX Entertainment

Hello. My name is Robert Gutierrez, and I welcome you to look at my company's site. Feel free to click on all the links that are placed on the left side of your screen. My portfolio tracks all that I have learned throughout the four years at Anderson New Technology High School.

.: RYX Entertainment

I am the lead designer of a company called RYX Entertainment. In about a month (as of 5/8/06), I will have my site up and running, complete with forums, blogs, and the games that I have created. My games will be pretty simple, because I'm not at the level of programming that some people are, but I'll be working on better games as I go along. Be sure to visit my site when it's up: http://www.ryxentertainment.com

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.: Thank you!

Thank you for visiting my site! I appreciate your support and hope you find my work useful. If you have any questions or comments for me, click on Email on the left side of the page.

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